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Food and Drink Idioms (12)

idioms food drink 12idioms food drink 12

 burn to a crisp (burn something completely): She burned the dinner to a crisp.

burn to a crisp (become severely sunburned): If lay in the sun all day, you’ll get burned to a crisp.

butter someone up (be nice to someone in order to get them to like you and support you): He always buttering up the boss to get promotion.

butter wouldn’t melt in one’s mouth (looks to be innocent, sincere)

can’t boil an egg (can’t cook at all): Let’s eat something beforehand because Jack is making dinner, and he can’t even boil an egg.

can’t hold your liquor: Leo can’t hold his liquor, so tell them not to keep filling his glass.

carrot and stick approach : A carrot and stick approach may work best for low grades.

champagne taste on a beer budget (like expensive things you can’t afford)

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