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Food and Drink Idioms (11)

idioms food drink 11idioms food drink 11

a vegetable (a person who is alive but is unable to think or move correctly because of brain damage)

a vegetable (a person who has  inactive life): Since I retiring from the company, I’ve felt like a vegetable.

bean counter (someone who keeps strict control and does not like to allow employees to spend money)

best thing since sliced bread (the best person or thing ever): I believe internet is the best thing since sliced bread.

bread and circuses : To me this event is just bread and circuses to get us to stop protesting.

break bread with someone (have a meal): He received an invitation to break bread with his old enemy.

bring home the bacon (earn the money for your family to live on): I work hard all week to bring home the bacon.

bring home the bacon (win a game or race): Our football team brought home the bacon this time.

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