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Brain idioms (3)

idioms brain 3idioms brain 3

 blow brains out (kill with a shot in the head): Put your gun down or I’ll blow your brains out.

brainstorm (a clever idea AmE): The problem is unsolvable, unless someone has a brainstorm.

brainstorm (a sudden inability to think clearly or act BrE): I had a brainstorm in the exam and didn’t even answer a single question.

brainwave (a clever idea BrE): I’ve had a brainwave, I know what we should do.

cudgel your brains (think very hard): I have to cudgel my brains to find a solution.

pea-brained (a very stupid person): He’s just another pea-brained idiot.

rack your brain (think very hard): It’s not so easy. You have to rack your brains once you start on it.

the brains behind (the person who provides ideas and plans for an activity): He was the brains behind the bank robbery.

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