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Brain idioms (2)

idioms brain 2idioms brain 2

  brain trust (a group of people with special knowledge): He is a member of the president’s brain trust.

get brain in gear (start to think in a clear and effective way): I have to get my brain in gear for this important exam.

a brain like sieve (have a poor memory): I have lost my keys again, I’ve a brain like sieve.

have something on the brain: John has money on the brain, he is trying to earn as much as possible.

have shit for brains impolite (to be very stupid): Your new assistant has shit for brains.

no brainer (very easy, something that you do not need to think about much): The exam was a complete no-brainer.

pick someone’s brain (ask for helpful information or advice from someone): I have no idea how to fix this device, let me pick your brain.

rack your brain (think very hard): I can’t remember his name, even if I rack my brain.

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