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idioms animals B

idioms animal B

back the wrong horse                    barking dogs seldom bite

barking up the wrong tree              bear hug

be as bald as a coot                       as dead as a dodo

be as gentle as a lamb                   be as slippery as an eel

badger someone                            beard the lion in his den

be as mad as a hornet                    beat a dead horse

be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed      be chasing your tail

bear market                                  bell the cat

bet on the wrong horse                  big fish in a small pond

bigger fish to fry                            bird has flown

birds and the bees                         birds of a feather

birds in their little nests agree         bitch and moan

bitten by the bug                           bitten by the same bug

black sheep                                   breed like rabbits

break the back of the beast             bull-headed

bear market                                   bull market

bull session                                    busy as a beaver

busy as a hibernating bear               butterflies in your stomach

by shank’s mare                              by a whisker


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