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Animal idioms (18)

idioms animal 18idioms animal 18  cat got your tongue (why you have nothing to say? why are you quiet?): Tell me who broke the clock. What’s the matter, cat got your tongue?

cat nap (brief sleep): If you cannot sleep at night, avoid taking catnaps during the day.

cat on a hot tin roof (very nervous and unable to keep still): He was like a cat on a hot tin roof this morning.

cat’s meow/pajamas (a special person or thing): His new car is really the cat’s meow.

champ at the bit (waiting impatiently to do something): The prisoners were champing at the bit to go out.

change horses in midstream (change plans when you are in the middle of something): You already signed the contract, you can’t change horses in midstream.

chicken feed (a very small amount of money): His salary is only chicken feed.

chicken out (not to do something because of fear): Never chicken out when you make up your mind.

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