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Animal idioms (17)

idioms animal 17idioms animal 17  call off the dogs (stop criticizing or attacking someone): Please, call off the dogs. I apologize for not telling you on time.

can of worms (source of many unpredictable problems): I thought repairing my laptop would be easy, but it turned out to be a real can of worms.

can of worms (very restless): Evan just can’t sit still for a minute; he is a can of worms.

cash cow (something that always makes a lot of profit): His latest investment turned out to be a cash cow.

cast pearls before swine (offer something of value to someone who does not know its value): He in fact won’t listen your advice. You’re just casting pearls before swine.

cat and dog life (unhappy and full of quarrels life): Almost since the first day his life was a cat and dog life.

cat and mouse game (a constant pursuit, near captures, and repeated escapes)

c- burglar: A cat burglar have climbed up the drainpipe and stole her valuables.

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