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Animal idioms (16)

idioms animal 16idioms animal 16  : bear market (a time when people are selling shares):

If the prices fall by more than 20% then we are in a bear market.

bull market (a time when share prices are rising):

The investors rake in more and more money during the bull market.

bull session (an informal meeting): There will be a bull session in the restaurant after work.

busy as a beaver (very busy, active or hardworking): I’ve been busy as a beaver deciding my new business.

busy as a hibernating bear (not busy at all): He longed in the shade all day, busy as a hibernating bear.

butterflies in your stomach (get nervous or anxious): I get butterflies in my stomach every time I go on stage.

by shank’s mare (by walking, by foot): My car broke down on the way, so I had to go by shank’s mare.

by a whisker (by a very small degree or amount): He won the race by a whisker.

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