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Animal idioms (15)

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birds in their little nests agree: Calm down, kids. Birds in their little nests agree. Let’s not argue about this anymore.

bitch and moan rude (complain): Stop bitching and moaning about your job, if you don’t like it look for another one.

bitten by the bug informal (have a sudden strong interest in something)

bitten by the same bug informal (have the same interest or hobby)

black sheep informal : There is a black sheep in every flock indeed.

breed like rabbits (have many children in a short period of time): She is married to John, and they also breed like rabbits.

break the back of the beast (accomplish a hard task): The technicians want to break the back of the beast and turn the electricity on before dark.

(stubborn or inflexible): John is so bull-; he won’t listen to anybody else’s opinion.

He is in fact stubborn.

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