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Animal idioms (14)

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bear market: In this bear market, we do not have the sales volume so far.

bell the cat (take a risk): This task is very dangerous. But someone has to bell the cat.

bet on the wrong horse: I don’t want to bet the wrong horse, but I think Jimmy a better candidate.

big fish in a small pond: In our company, Doctor Gomez is in fact a big fish in a small pond.

bigger fish to fry: I don’t spend much time watching TV, I have also bigger fish to fry.

bird has flown: I think you cannot find him here, in fact the bird has flown.

birds and the bees: Some parents never tell their children about the birds and the bees.

birds of a feather (people who are alike in character or interests): Mia and Ethan seem to get along pretty well so far. They’re birds of a feather.

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