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Animal idioms (13)

idioms animal 13idioms animal 13

badger someone (bother or annoy someone): She has been badgering me to clean the yard for weeks.

badger someone (persuade someone): I finally badgered him into coming with us to the party.

beard the lion in his den: He continues to refuse my calls, so I have to go to his office and beard the lion in his den.

be as mad as a hornet (to be extremely angry): John was as mad as a hornet when his car was stolen.

beat a dead horse: I already told you that I’m not coming with you but you beat a dead horse.

beat a dead horse: He keeps trying to fix the computer, but I think he is beating a dead horse.

bright-eyed and bushy-tailed (full of energy and in a good mood)

chasing your tail (be very busy doing a lot of different things but achieve very little)

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