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Commonly confused words

advice vs. advise

advice vs. advise advice opinion offered as guidance: Let me give you some advice. advise to give someone advice: I advise you to sell your old car.   advice vs. advise – English Vocabulary

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adverse vs. averse

adverse vs. averse adverse unfavorable, bad: Lack of money will have an adverse effect on our business. averse unwilling, opposed: She was averse to any change.   adverse vs. averse – English Vocabulary

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adapt vs. adopt

adapt vs. adopt adapt to adjust, get used to: We’ll adapt quickly to the new system. adopt accept as your own: They decided to adopt a baby girl. adept skilled, expert: She is highly adept at cooking.   adapt vs. adopt – English Vocabulary

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ad vs. add

ad vs. add ad short for advertisement:  We should put an ad in the local paper. add to include: We want to add your name to the list.   ad vs. add – English Vocabulary

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accident vs. incident

accident vs. incident accident something that happens unexpectedly or not planned in advance: Our meeting was just an accident. incident event or occurrence: When exactly did the incident occur?   accident vs. incident – English Vocabulary

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