Commonly Confused Words (d-7)

distrust vs mistrust disperse (disband, scatter): Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. disburse (pay out money, spend): The central government annually disburses about $70m on education. distrust (not trust (based on experience or reliable information)): We don’t have any reason to distrust them. mistrust (not trust (based on …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-6)

devote vs devout  We must devote more time to that project. She is a devout Buddhist. Who lives by hope will die by hunger. She want to dye her hair blonde. We sat away from other diners. The best time for dinner is 6.14pm. We had also some friends round for dinner on Saturday. …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-5)

dessert vs desert  I don’t mean to deprecate your accomplishments. New cars depreciate as soon as they are on the road. Can described the house in perfect detail? I ascribe good grade in the exam to your hard work. I would also like some apple pie for dessert? This part of the country …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-4)

depart vs deport  delude (make someone believe what is not true): You shouldn’t delude him into believing it. dilute (make a liquid thinner or less strong): Dilute the paint with a little thinner accordingly. demur (disagreement or refusal): After all he accepted without demur. demure (quiet and rather shy and well behaved): She …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-3)

deer vs dear  deep (far down, distance from the top to the bottom): Still waters have deep bottoms. dip (lower into a liquid): Dip your finger in shortly to see how hot the water is. I saw a herd of deer of about ten. He is a dear friend of mine. We …

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