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Commonly Confused Words (b-1)

Commonly Confused Words b 1Commonly Confused Words b 1  backup extra, substitute, spare: This hospital has a backup power supply.

back up help, support, aid: If you ask for money he will back you up.


bait food used in a trap: We used a piece of meat as bait.

bate decrease, reduce: The salesman won’t bate a penny of it.


bale bundle, bunch, package: a bale of paper/straw/cotton

bail money pledged to release an accused person until trial: He was release on a bail of $20000.


balk unwilling to accept or do something: Many people in fact balk at sending their children to private schools.

bulk large quantity or amount, mass: You will get cheaper if buy in bulk.


ball  a round object that is used in sports: Samuel threw the ball to me, and I caught it.

bawl to shout in a very loud voice: She in fact likes to bawl against everyone.

Commonly Confused Words b 1 English Vocabulary

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