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Commonly Confused Words (b-3)

belief vs believebelief vs believe   belief a feeling that something is true: There is a general belief that nuclear weapons are immoral.  

believe to feel that (something) is true, especially without proof: I don’t believe in ghosts, do you?


below in a lower place than, beneath: The kitchen is below my bedroom.

bellow shout loudly, yell: Do not bellow in my ear.


berth a bed on a train, ship, etc. I want to book a cabin with three berths.

birth act of being born: The birth was very difficult.


beside close to, at the side of: Come here and sit beside me.

besides other than, in addition to: There is no one here besides Daniel.


biannual occurring twice a year: Our club holds biannual meetings in January and July.

biennial occurring once every two years: This is a biennial art show, it won’t happen again for two more years.

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