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Commonly Confused Words (b-2)

bare vs bearbare vs bear  ban forbid (officially): We have plan to ban smoking in the office.

bane a cause of distress or annoyance: Those noisy kids are the bane of my life.


bare unclothed, naked: Michael was bare from the waist up.

bear to carry: She was bearing a basket of vegetables.


Bath wash (yourself) in a bath: I prefer baths to showers.

bathe wash yourself using water: I usually bathe every day.


Bazaar a market that has rows of small shops, which sell many different kinds of things: I bought this in the bazaar in Cairo.

bizarre weird, strange: We saw a bizarre animal in the water.


Beat hit, strike A dog will not howl if you beat him with a bone.

Beet a plant with a red root used as a vegetable or for making sugar: John was as red as a beet when he came out of the sauna.

bare vs bear (Click on the title to read more.)

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