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Commonly Confused Words (a-7)

appraise vs appriseappraise vs apprise  appraise assess, evaluate: Managers appraise the staff twice a year.

apprise inform or tell (someone): Keep me fully apprised of any changes in the situation.


ascribe attribute, accredit: They ascribe most of the accident to the bad weather.

describe give details, explain: There are so many things I want to describe.


assent consent, approval: He gave his assent to terms of the contract.

ascent the act of moving upward: The car began its ascent to the top of the hill.


aural relating to the ear or hearing: This sound track in fact gives us an aural appealing.

oral relating to the mouth; spoken Brushing your teeth also is an important step to maintain oral hygiene.

assay test, evaluation: The assay result of that material is rich in gold indeed.

essay a piece of writing on a subject: Write an essay of about a thousand words long.

appraise vs apprise (Click on the title to read more.)

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