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American idioms

abandon ship                                                 a bed of rose

abide by                                                             able to cut it

above and beyond                                     above average

above par                                                         above reproach

about face                                                        about time

about to                                                             above all

above board                                                   above suspicion

above the law                                               absent without leave

accidentally on purpose                       according to all accounts

according to Hoyle                                   according to your lights

according to                                                   abreast of

abound with                                                   absent yourself

abstain from                                                  account for

ace in the hole                                             Achilles’ heel

acid test                                                            across the board

act high and mighty                                act your age

add fuel to the fire                                   afraid of your own shadow

after a fashion                                             after all

after all is said and done                    after hours

after the fact                                                after the fashion of

again and again                                         against all odds

against the grain                                      against your will

agree to disagree                                     ahead of schedule

ahead of the game                                  ahead of your time

aid and abet                                                  air your dirty laundry in public

air your grievances                                alive and kicking

all and sundry                                             all along

all at once                                                      a ballpark figure

a bitter pill to swallow                          a day late and a dollar short

a dime a dozen                                          all at sea

all bets are off                                            all ears

all hat, no cattle                                        all hell breaks loose

all hours                                                           all in a day’s work

all in all                                                             all in a good time

all in one piece                                            all kidding aside


American idioms

The manager and most of engineers at last abandoned ship.

Life is in fact is not always a bed of roses.

We must also abide by what we have said.

If he is not able to cut it, then we have to find someone else to do the job.

Your efforts also were above and beyond. I appreciate your time indeed.

Anthony’s intelligence is clearly above average this time.

His work is well above par so far. Her behavior has been above reproach so far.

I had left my keys behind, so I made a quick about face to get them.

about to (ready to): We were about to leave when it began to rain.

above all (most importantly): Get plenty of sleep, eat lots of good food, and above all try to relax.

This forest abound with deer, but not birds and rabbits.

I can’t imagine Aden as a security guard, in fact he’s afraid of his own shadow.

She was brave, but fear of cockroach become her Achilles’ heel.

The manager and also engineers had already abandoned ship.

If he is not able to cut it, then we have to find someone else to do the job.

Against all odds, he seems to finish the work on time so far.

I’m not holding you against your will, but if you want to stay you can.

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