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Animal idioms (19)

idioms animal 19  chicken hearted (easily frightened, not brave): Don’t be so chicken hearted, let’s get on that roller coaster. close the barn door after the horse has bolted (act too late) cock-and-bull story (unbelievable story ): I don’t believe even one bit of his cock and bull story. cold …

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12. an arm and a leg → as is

an arm and a leg → as is   an arm and a leg (a large amount of money): This car cost me an arm and a leg. answer the call of nature informal (urinate or defecate): Please stop the car somewhere. I need to answer the call of nature. …

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11. all-out effort → all wet

all-out effort → all wet  all-out effort (use all your effort and energy): He making an all-out effort to finish the project on time. all over the map (not stick to the main topic, in a varying manner) a- set (quite ready, prepared): We were all set to go out …

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10. all hell breaks loose → all kidding aside

all hell breaks loose → all kidding aside  all hell breaks loose (suddenly become violent and noisy): There was a fight in the bar and then all hell broke loose. all hours (all the time, anytime): You will find him working at all hours these days. hours (late, irregular times): …

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9. a ballpark figure → all hat no cattle

a ballpark figure → all hat no cattle  a ballpark figure: Could you give me a ballpark figure of today’s total sales? a bitter pill to swallow (a fact that is unpleasant or painful, but must be accepted) a day late and a dollar short (too late to be useful) …

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