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Commonly Confused Words (a-4)

aloud vs allowedaloud vs allowed

 all ways every way, every method We tried all ways to fix the oil spill.

always  all the time, at all time  You are always on time.


allusion indirect reference She made no allusion to her first marriage.

illusion a false belief or idea All these mirrors on the walls give an illusion of space.


allay make something strong, relieve The president is keen to allay the public’s fears.

alley a narrow street When he saw the police arrive, he bolted a dark alley.


a lot very much I have paid a lot for this car so far.

allot allocate, allow to have Please complete the test within the time allotted.


aloud in a loud voice Would you please read the poem aloud?

allowed permitted Smoking also is not allowed here.

aloud vs allowed (Click on the title to read more.)

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