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11. all-out effort → all wet

all-out effort → all wetall-out effort → all wet  all-out effort (use all your effort and energy): He making an all-out effort to finish the project on time.

all over the map (not stick to the main topic, in a varying manner)

a- set (quite ready, prepared): We were all set to go out when the rain started.

all thumbs (very awkward or clumsy): Harper is also all thumbs.

all told (all together or in total): All told, it took us four full days to finish the excavation.

a- to the good (for one’s benefit): He didn’t come to the meeting, but it was all to the good.

all walks of life (different professions or different levels of society)

all wet informal (completely wrong): If you think you can do the task, you’re all wet.

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