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7. against all odds → aid and abet

against all odds → aid and abetagainst all odds → aid and abet

 against all odds (despite very low chances): Against all odds, he finished the work on time.

(different from what is normal or usual): Nowadays it goes against the grain to show respect for authority.

against your will (when you don’t want to): I’m not holding you against your will.

agree to disagree: We can agree to disagree on this issue and still have a cooperative relationship.

ahead of schedule (earlier than planned or expected): We finished the project 6 months ahead of schedule.

(more likely to win than your competitors or peers): I am studying hard every day to stay ahead of the game.

ahead of your time: He was ahead of his time, his inventions were not appreciated at the time.

aid and abet (help someone to do something wrong or illegal): He was charged with aiding and abetting a gang of robbers.

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