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6. after a fashion → again and again

after a fashion → again and againafter a fashion → again and again

 after a fashion (to some degree, but not very well): I know English after a fashion.

after all (despite earlier doubts or problems): Leo’s work schedule changed, so he’ll be able to come to the party after all.

(consider the fact that): I do like Daniel – after all, He is my brother.

after all is said and done  After all is said and done, you should burn fat more than you eat.

after hours (after the end of the usual time): I spend a lot of time in my office after hours.

(too late, after something has happened): He made the commitment, and he can’t change the terms after the fact.

after the fashion of (in a manner or style similar to): Many women dressed after the fashion of the first lady.

again and again (several times): I’ve watched the movie again and again.

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