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20. administer → adopt

administer → adoptadminister → adopt     administer (manage the affair of a company, an institution or a country): He is able to administer the whole project.

admire (respect and approve of someone): I admire you for doing such a difficult job.

admire (look at with pleasure): We stopped at the top of the hill to admire the view.

admit (agree that something is true or is the case): I am willing to admit that I’m wrong.

admit (allow to enter): Security guard refused to admit him or his wife to the embassy.

admonish formal (tell someone firmly that you do not approve of their actions): Admonish your friends in private, but praise them in public.

admonish (urge or advise someone): She in fact admonished him to walk more drive less.

adopt (accept someone else’s child as your own): They also decided to adopt a baby girl.

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