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19. ad hoc → ablaze

ad hoc → ablazead hoc → ablaze  ad hoc (made or done only for a particular purpose or need): I have to make some ad hoc changes to the schedule.

adjacent (next to or adjoining to a building, room, etc.): My office is adjacent to his.

adjoin (be next to a building, room, etc.): A vacant plot of land adjoins the building.

adjourn (break off a formal meeting or trial for a period of time): Let’s adjourn the meeting until tomorrow.

adjudicate (make an official judgment or decision): He was also asked to adjudicate the contest.

adjure (urge or request earnestly): The judge adjured him to tell the truth.

ablaze (bright or full of color): The house was in fact ablaze with lights. The garden also was ablaze with the flowers of many colors.

ablaze (burning strongly): Within minutes the whole building was ablaze.

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