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image     picture: We have clear mages of Jupiter and Saturn planets. -reflection: She looked at her I- in the water. -mental picture: I have a clear I- in my mind of how I want the yard to be. -public opinion about someone or something: The company is working …

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Drag  pull something along the ground: This chair is too heavy to lift, you’ll have to d- it. persuade someone to come away: Leo was enjoying himself at the party so much, I couldn’t d- him away. continue for a longer period of time: I don’t want to d- this …

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call  shout loudly to attract attention: Did you c- me? summon, invite or ask to come: I think you should c- a doctor. name or address someone: His name is Daniel, but we c- him Dan. telephone someone: I’ll c- you when I get there. order or announce: CEO wants …

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avoid   prevent from happening: We should a- trouble whenever we face. This kind of accident also could have been avoided. not go to or through: We had to a- Elm Street due to heavy traffic. He always leave early to a- the rush hour. keep away from: You should a- …

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See (part 2)

see part 2   make sure: Please see that you lock the door when you leave. – understand, know: I see what you mean. – go out with, date: Ethan is seeing someone else now. predict, foresee: I also see great things ahead. imagine someone as: I see him as …

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