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Synonyms kind     (helpful and caring about others): Alex is a very kind and thoughtful person indeed. good (kind and willing to help): Jacob was very good to me when I was ill last week. nice (kind, friendly and polite): You should try to be nice to each other. …

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Synonyms bake   (cook things such as bread or cakes by dry heat): I bake bread every day. fry (cook in hot oil or fat): Fry the onions until golden brown. roast (cook meat or vegetables by dry heat): I’m going to roast the chicken. broil (cook food directly over …

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Synonyms call  (shout something loudly to attract attention): Stop calling me so loud. shout (say something very loud): His warning shout came too late. cry (call out loudly, scream): Soon she run downstairs and cried for help. exclaim (shout with strong emotion): ‘You can’t do that!’ he exclaimed angrily. blurt …

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Synonyms barrier  (a bar, wall, fence or gate that stops people or vehicles from entering a place): The cottage was surrounded by an old wooden fence. barricade (a temporary structure placed across a road, path, etc. to prevent people from getting through): After all police erected a barricade across the …

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Synonyms job  (a task or work that someone does to earn money): She got a job as a waitress. position (a job): He retired from his position as technical manager. post (position of duty or employment): His father holds the post of foreign minister this time. vacancy (an unoccupied job …

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