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Pack (synonyms)

Synonyms pack pack (a small paper container): Get me a pack of chewing gum. package (a wrapper or container): She ate the whole package of cookies this time. can (a closed metal container): He also drank a can of Coke. jar (a glass or plastic container): Can you get the …

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Own (synonyms)

Synonyms own  (belonging to oneself and no one else): I want a place of my own. personal (relating or belonging to a particular person): She collected up her personal belongings and left the room eventually. private (only for one person or group, not public): John has a private plane indeed. …

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Neat (synonyms)

Synonyms neat  He always keep his desk extremely neat. He showed me into a tidy living room.  He led a very ordered life. We parked our vehicles  in orderly rows. (in perfect order): Their house was also in apple-pie order, with nothing out of place. (not containing unnecessary things): We …

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Machine (synonyms)

Synonyms machine   A washing machine has a small electric motor. The ceiling fan needs a new motor. We sell satellite receivers, refrigerators, TVs, and other electronic devices. The car goes like a rocket since I put a new engine in it. This is the central heating unit. The central …

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Synonyms kind     (helpful and caring about others): Alex is a very kind and thoughtful person indeed. good (kind and willing to help): Jacob was very good to me when I was ill last week. nice (kind, friendly and polite): You should try to be nice to each other. …

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