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Take (synonyms)

Synonyms take  take (carry, go with, or lead someone to a place): I’ll take you to the airport. escort (go with someone to guard them or to show them the way): Guards will escort the prisoner back to his cell. lead: I don’t know the way very well, so you’d …

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Castle (synonyms)

Synonyms castle  (a large strong building with thick walls and towers): This castle dates back to the 12th century. citadel (a castle on high ground in or near a city): The quake destroyed a 2000 years old citadel in the city. tower (a tall building or part of a castle …

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Safe (synonyms)

Synonyms safe : safe (not in danger of hurt, damaged, or lost): We are quite safe here. secure (safe, protected against damage or attack): I hide my money in a very secure place. out of harm’s way (in a safe place, where no one can hurt or damage): Keep your …

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Question (synonyms)

Synonyms question  question (ask a person about something): The police questioned her for half an hour. interview (ask a person questions in an interview): We interviewed twenty applicants for the job. interrogate (ask someone a lot of questions in a threatening way): They will interrogate the two suspects separately. quiz …

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Pack (synonyms)

Synonyms pack pack (a small paper container): Get me a pack of chewing gum. package (a wrapper or container): She ate the whole package of cookies this time. can (a closed metal container): He also drank a can of Coke. jar (a glass or plastic container): Can you get the …

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