Commonly Confused Words (d-6)

devote vs devout  We must devote more time to that project. She is a devout Buddhist. Who lives by hope will die by hunger. She want to dye her hair blonde. We sat away from other diners. The best time for dinner is 6.14pm. We had also some friends round for dinner on Saturday. …

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Food and Drink Idioms (8)

idioms food drink 8  I can’t stand that old chestnut, I heard that a hundred times. He was as nice as pie, as if nothing had happened. She met a stud-muffin in the gym. I got a sweet deal on this shirt. It was 75% off! You can also add more …

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during  all through a period of time: Please remain seated d- the show. at one point within a period of time: Our train will depart d- the night. D- the summer season, all the hotels are full in this city. D- daylight hours, many creatures stay underground.  I really didn’t …

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2. about face → above the law

about face → above the law  I had left my keys behind, so I did quick about face to get them. My father did an about face on his rule about not to play in the yard. Now we can do it if we want. It’s about time that our …

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image     picture: We have clear mages of Jupiter and Saturn planets. -reflection: She looked at her I- in the water. -mental picture: I have a clear I- in my mind of how I want the yard to be. -public opinion about someone or something: The company is working …

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