6. absolve → abstract

absolve → abstract  absolve (make free someone from guilt, blame or responsibility): I absolve you soon from this responsibility. absorb (take in, suck up): Plants use their roots to absorb nutrients from the soil. absorb (understand completely): He also has the capacity to absorb information quickly. abstain (to not do …

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Above all

above all   ꭗ I never liked long walks, a- all in summer. √ I never liked long walks, especially in winter. a- all (=most importantly): Get plenty of sleep, eat lots of good food, and a- all try to relax.  ꭗ David was a- all the best runner. √ …

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free  without charge: Admission is f-. – without: She was f- of any pressures.  not busy: I’m f- this afternoon. – vacant: The bathroom is f- now. independent: a citizen of a proud f- nation. – on the loose: The killer is still f-. allowed: You are f- to leave. – unimpeded: …

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Phrasal verbs look    We usually sometimes look back on our childhood as a golden age. I might look in on you on my way home. I have never been able to do more than look on at when he was swimming.  You shouldn’t think too much about past troubles, …

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Synonyms accomplish   (achieve or complete successfully): We have accomplished all we set out to do. achieve (to succeed in doing something after a lot of work or effort): He finally achieved success. We will use every possible means to achieve our goal. carry out (to do something that you …

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