I don’t know

so I dont know  I have no idea – (That’s) a good Question – Not that I know of – I have no clue – Don’t ask me – You might well ask. Beats me – Your guess is as good as mine – I’m not sure – Not for …

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Phrasal verbs do  You should do away with the old customs. Everyone in the meeting was trying to do me down. Climbing those high peaks nearly did for me. Those rough gravel roads has really done for my car. I made a mistake when I measured the room, I have …

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(Synonyms drunk  (unable to think or speak clearly because you have drunk too much alcohol)l: I got completely drunk during the party. drunken [only before noun] drunk or often getting drunk: A drunken man threw stones and smashed shop windows. wasted [not usually before noun] very drunk or affected by …

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I agree

I agree  That’s what I was thinking about. I see your point. Absolutely. I a- with you 100 percent.  I couldn’t agree with you more. Definitely. You are exactly correct. I think so too. I couldn’t have said it better. That’s true. Sure. I’m of the same mind. Of course. …

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Synonyms awareness  (having knowledge or understanding of something): We are trying to increase public awareness of what spreads HIV/AIDS. consciousness (the state of being aware of something): This will increase public consciousness of natural and environmental issues. knowledge (the state of knowing about something): However, she denied any knowledge of …

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