Phrasal verbs back back off (to move backward): He backed off, when he saw the knife. (to stop bothering someone): Back off, Benjamin! Let me also run my own life! (to not do something that you had agreed to do): Lucas backed off when he realized how much work was …

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8. abyss → accent

abyss → accent  abyss (a very deep or seemingly bottomless hole in the ground): He looked down into the abyss before deciding to jump. abyss (a situation that brings trouble or destruction): She was standing on the edge of an abyss. accede (agree to a request or a demand): So …

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Synonyms anger   (a feeling of being very sad or annoyed): Above all, Sophia never raised her voice in anger. annoyance (a feeling of slight anger or impatient): Jacob tried not to show his annoyance during the meeting. irritation (a feeling of annoyance, especially when something happens repeatedly or for …

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Thank you

Thank you  Many thanks. I appreciate it so much. I owe you one. T- you so much. T- you for everything. Thanks a lot. Thanks a bunch. T- you very much. I am so grateful. You are great. I really appreciate it.  I owe you. Thanks so much. You are great. …

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7. abstruse → abysmal

abstruse → abysmal  abstruse (difficult to understand): I found your statement a bit abstruse. absurd (illogical, stupid or unreasonable): It is absurd to believe that the number 13 is unlucky. abundant (plentiful, in large quantities): Also fish are abundant in this lake. abuse (unfair, cruel or violent treatment): Children in …

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