2. abandon ship → ahead of the game

abandon ship → ahead game The manager and most of engineers had already abandoned ship. Life is not always a bed of roses. We must also abide by what we have said. If he is not able to cut it, then we have to find someone else to do the job. …

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Thank you

Respond thank Don’t mention it. – It was nothing. – My pleasure. – Not at all. – Not a problem. – Glad to help indeed. It’s my pleasure. – It was the least I could do. –  I’m happy to help. -That’s OK. – That’s alright. No problem. – No worries. – Anytime. …

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Synonyms answer   (something that you say, write or do to react to a question): She sent an answer to my letter after a few days. reply (to say, write, or do something as an answer to somebody): We asked why, but they gave no reply. response (a spoken or …

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tired  I need to rest my weary eyes after a long day at the computer. I feel drained, both physically and mentally. Go and pour yourself a drink, Amelia – you look so whacked. I am so dead on my feet. I need to take a break. After working two …

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1. above board → ants in one’s pants

aboveboard → ants pants above board (honest and legal): If we do everything above board, we will have to pay tax on your earnings. air one’s dirty laundry in public (discuss personal problems in public): I don’t want to air our dirty laundry in public. all along (all the time): …

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