Heart idioms (10)

idioms heart 10 tug at your heartstrings: She knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings. take heart: Take heart and keep trying. take to heart: I hope you will take to heart the warnings about the dangers of sunbathing. Don’t take to heart I was just joking. the way to …

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Ask for help Would you mind helping me?                  I need help making dinner. Can you give me a hand with this report?             Can you help me? Could you give me a hand moving this armchair?               Help me. Is there any chance to inform me when you have time?                Please help …

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Neat (synonyms)

Synonyms neat  He always keep his desk extremely neat. He showed me into a tidy living room.  He led a very ordered life. We parked our vehicles  in orderly rows. (in perfect order): Their house was also in apple-pie order, with nothing out of place. (not containing unnecessary things): We …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (3)

Phrasal verbs take in  Some families take in foreign students. I could hardly take in what the instructor said. This price takes in the cost of all accommodation and food. Let’s take in a movie while we are in town.  (take your car to a workshop): Let’s take the car …

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