Food and Drink Idioms (14)

idioms food drink 14  cake is not worth the candle: I want to replace the old car’s engine, but my father says that the cake is not worth the candle. can’t cut the mustard: If he can’t cut the mustard, then we’ll get someone else to do the job. chief …

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job meanings  task or work that someone does to earn money: She got a job as a waitress. piece of work that you have to do: I spent all day doing jobs around the house. responsibility or duty: Your job is to look after the kids while we are away. …

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17. acumen → adapt

acumen → adapt  acumen (the ability to make correct judgments and quick decisions): He has great business acumen and expertise in technical matters. acute (serious or severe): The water shortage is more acute than first thought. acute (very good and accurate): Daniel still has very acute vision, though he is …

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Mind idioms (2)

idioms mind 2  all in your mind (not real and you are imagining it): Your painting has come out really well. Your fears are all in your mind. boggles your mind (shock or surprise you): The amount of waste in the streets boggles my mind. bored out of your mind …

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