Synonyms bake   (cook things such as bread or cakes by dry heat): I bake bread every day. fry (cook in hot oil or fat): Fry the onions until golden brown. roast (cook meat or vegetables by dry heat): I’m going to roast the chicken. broil (cook food directly over …

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Food and Drink Idioms (5)

Food drink idioms 5  a grain of truth (a very small amount of truth): There is not a grain of truth in what she said. a greasy spoon (a dingy small cheap restaurant): We all got sick after eating at a greasy spoon. a knuckle sandwich informal (a punch in …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-3)

deer vs dear  deep (far down, distance from the top to the bottom): Still waters have deep bottoms. dip (lower into a liquid): Dip your finger in shortly to see how hot the water is. I saw a herd of deer of about ten. He is a dear friend of mine. We …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (2)

Phrasal verbs take 2  That piece of music really takes me back 20 years from now. Take down that poster and put up the map of the world. Let me help you to take down the tent. We should in fact take down every word of his speech. He looks so …

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Animal idioms (5)

fraidy-cat → leopard spots a fraidy-cat (a fearful person): Don’t be such a fraidy-cat, dive into the water. a grin like a Cheshire cat (a very wide smile): She walked in here with a grin like a Cheshire cat. a harebrained idea (a foolish or stupid ideal): In such a …

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