It’s difficult

its difficult  It’s not so easy. It’s unlike a walk in the park. that’s so hard. It’s not of course for the faint-hearted. It’s in fact tricky. that’s very demanding. It’s really tough. It’s a bit hard going. that’s not a piece of cake. It’s challenging. It’s too complicated. That’s …

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3. abjure → abode

abjure → abode  ablaze (burning strongly, on fire): The whole shopping mall was soon ablaze. able (to have the power or skill): You must also be able to speak English for this job. abnegate (renounce privileges, pleasure, etc.): You have to abnegate some conditions to love one. abnormal (unusual, not …

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1. abandon → aberration

abandon → aberration abandon (leave, give up): We finally abandoned the ship. abase (to humble, degrade or humiliate): He had to abase himself before everyone to please them. abate (to become smaller or less strong): We also are waiting for the storm to abate. abbreviate (shorten (a name, word or …

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2. abet → abject

abet (help someone to do something wrong or illegal): She also abet the thief in his getaway? abeyance (temporary halt, a pause): We’ll hold the problem in abeyance for a while. abhor (to dislike or hate): We  in the same way abhor violence of any kind. abide (to accept or …

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Heart idioms 5

idioms heart 5 have a soft spot in your heart for (feel a lot of affection for):   have heart in the right place (to have good intentions): She is very strict, but her heart is in the right place. have heart set on (want something very much): I have my …

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