it’s easy

its easy  it’s a piece of cake – it’s in fact a cinch – there’s nothing to it – it’s a walk in the park – it’s a breeze – anyone can do it – it’s easy as falling off a log – it’s a snap – it’s child’s play – It’s …

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Phrasal Verbs with “Pull” 3 of 4

Phrasal verbs pull 3  As soon as I got home, I pulled off my shirt. I’m sure she will pull off the competition. Let’s pull off at the next rest area and get some food.  she pulled on her sweater and went out. The ship pulls out at 8:00 AM. …

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stiff   not easily bent: a s- collar – thick: a s- dough/paste – painful to move or use: s- neck/muscles not moving freely: a s- door/ drawer – too formal: s- writing/dialogue – cold or friendly: a s- manner harsh or severe: a s- punishment – stubborn: a s- fight – difficult: …

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Synonyms genius  (someone with great mental ability): He is a genius at mathematics. John was a great genius. prodigy (a child having extraordinary talent): She was an infant prodigy, composing music at the age of five. brain (a highly intelligent person): He is in fact one of the best brains …

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Commonly Confused Words a-2

advice vs advise  advice (opinion offered as guidance): First let me give you some advice. advise (to give someone advice): in short I advise you to sell your old car. affect (make a difference to): Does his opinion affect your decision? effect (result): The effect of overeating consequently may be obesity. He …

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