Commonly Confused Words (d-1)

dairy vs diary dab (touch lightly): Dab your eye with a tissue till it’s clean. dub (change the original language): He’d rather watch a movie with subtitles than one dubbed into English. The doctor told me to cut down red meat and dairy. Daniel used to keep a diary when …

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Food and drink idioms 3

Food Drink idioms 3  a big cheese (an important person): His father is in fact a big cheeses in one of the major banks. all the tea in China (at any price): But I love this car—I wouldn’t sell it for all the tea in China! a good egg (a …

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5. abrogate → absolution

abrogate → absolution  abrogate (to end a law, agreement or custom officially): The treaty has been abrogated by mutual consent this time. abrupt (sudden and unexpected): I also don’t know the cause of her abrupt leave. abrupt (talk or do something quickly in a way that seems rude and unfriendly): …

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4. abolish → abroad

abolish → abroad  abolish (revoke, put an end to): But the government ought to abolish income tax for the low-paid. abominable (extremely unpleasant or bad): The sanitary conditions in this area are abominable. abominate (to dislike strongly): Of course, we abominate cruelty of all kinds. abort (to stop or fail …

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It’s difficult

its difficult  It’s not so easy. It’s unlike a walk in the park. that’s so hard. It’s not of course for the faint-hearted. It’s in fact tricky. that’s very demanding. It’s really tough. It’s a bit hard going. that’s not a piece of cake. It’s challenging. It’s too complicated. That’s …

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