Phrasal verbs with “pull” 4 of 4

Phrasal verbs pull 4  She’s very ill, but we hope she’ll pull through. It’s very difficult, but we’ll pull through it together. We don’t have much time, but if we all pull together we’ll finish it on time. We should pull together all the available data and start our research. The …

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Food and Drink Idioms 1

Bad apple  (someone who does bad things that effect on others): You can’t expect a bad a- to be anything but a bad a-. a bad egg (a dishonest or unreliable person): Don’t trust him, he is a bad egg. a bite to eat (a small meal): I’ll pull off …

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big large, sizeable: During the summer we go to our b- house in the country. I’ also want to try these shoes in a bigger size? – tall and heavy:  A b- man stood at the door. important, great: I have a b- decision to make. – generous or kind: …

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Heart idioms 3

idioms heart 3 close to your heart (someone you love): I never knew that Ashley was so close to your heart. cross my heart (to stress that you are telling the truth): Of course I’ll clean the room tomorrow, cross my heart! cry your heart out (to cry a lot): …

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Synonyms happen  (to take place): Accidents like this happen all the time. occur formal to happen, especially unexpectedly: These problems occur in all families. arise (to begin to occur or to exist): We will contact you when the need arise for extra staff. come up to occur or present itself: …

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