6. a lone wolf → a one-horse race

lone wolf → one-horse race a lone wolf (a person who likes to live alone): Although John is a lone wolf, we all like him very much. a mare’s nest (a very complicated situation): The law on restrictive trade is a mare’s nest. angry as a bear (very angry): Don’t …

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Phrasal verbs with break (1)

phrasal verbs break 1  He decided to break away from the band and form his own group. Although he held her tight, but she managed to break away. My car broke down and I had to push it off the road. Talks with management broke down completely. Ruby just broke down …

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Commonly Confused Words (d-4)

depart vs deport  delude (make someone believe what is not true): You shouldn’t delude him into believing it. dilute (make a liquid thinner or less strong): Dilute the paint with a little thinner accordingly. demur (disagreement or refusal): After all he accepted without demur. demure (quiet and rather shy and well behaved): She …

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Food and Drink Idioms (6)

Food Drinks idioms 6  Since profits are higher this year, we will get a bigger piece of the pie.  I need a square meal after all that exercise. The exam was as easy as pie. The swimming pool water was as clear as vodka. That’s a pretty kettle of fish – The …

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12. accredit → accuse

accredit → accuse  accredit (accept or approve): They accredit programs that meet their high standards. accredit: We accredit the airplane invention to Wright brothers. accrue (accumulate benefits): Interest will accrue if you keep the money in your account. accumulate: I’ll accumulate enough cash to get out of debt eventually. accumulate …

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