Commonly confused words (d-2)

damp vs dump  damp (slightly wet): My hair is still damp from the shower. I am wiping the table with a damp cloth. dump (put down carelessly): She came home and then dumped her bag on the floor. I want to make a deal with you. Basil, mint and dill are all herbs. …

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Food and Drink Idioms (4)

Food Drink idioms 4 a smart cookie (a smart person with good ideas): Daniel surely can make this project succeed. He is a real smart cookie.  apple-pie order (very tidy and in perfect order): I always put my room in apple-pie order every evening. a rotten egg (a dishonest or …

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a-an Use a (NOT an) before a word beginning with a consonant sound ꭗ     He doesn’t own an car. ü He doesn’t own a car. Use an (NOT a) before a word beginning with a vowel sound ꭗ     She is a excellent teacher. ü She is an excellent teacher. Use …

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See (part 2)

see part 2   make sure: Please see that you lock the door when you leave. – understand, know: I see what you mean. – go out with, date: Ethan is seeing someone else now. predict, foresee: I also see great things ahead. imagine someone as: I see him as …

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See (part-1)

see part 1  notice using your eyes: I barely can see things without my glasses. watch: It was in fact the most amazing movie I’ve ever seen. meet, visit: I’m seeing friends on weekends. – try to find out: I’ll see if I can also get anyone to help? consult, talk …

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