Good luck

Good luck Best of luck! I hope things will work out all right. Break a leg! I hope everything will be all right. Fingers crossed! I hope things will turn out fine. I wish you luck! You are going to be surely amazing! May the force be with you accordingly. …

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agree  with someone (=have the same opinion) ꭗ     I a- you to a certain degree. ü I a- with you to a certain degree. a- with something (=think something acceptable) ꭗ     I a- what he says so far. ü I a- with what he says so far. a- to something …

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avoid   prevent from happening: We should a- trouble whenever we face. This kind of accident also could have been avoided. not go to or through: We had to a- Elm Street due to heavy traffic. He always leave early to a- the rush hour. keep away from: You should a- …

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I’m sorry

Sorry  I’m so s-… I’m very s-… S- about that.  S-, I’m late! I’m s- if… Pardon me… I’m awfully s-… I apologize for… Please forgive me. S-. It was my fault… I’m terribly s-… I beg your pardon. S-, it’s my fault. How careless of me…  I beg your …

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Synonyms call  (shout something loudly to attract attention): Stop calling me so loud. shout (say something very loud): His warning shout came too late. cry (call out loudly, scream): Soon she run downstairs and cried for help. exclaim (shout with strong emotion): ‘You can’t do that!’ he exclaimed angrily. blurt …

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