Animal idioms (5)

fraidy-cat → leopard spots a fraidy-cat (a fearful person): Don’t be such a fraidy-cat, dive into the water. a grin like a Cheshire cat (a very wide smile): She walked in here with a grin like a Cheshire cat. a harebrained idea (a foolish or stupid ideal): In such a …

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call  shout loudly to attract attention: Did you c- me? summon, invite or ask to come: I think you should c- a doctor. name or address someone: His name is Daniel, but we c- him Dan. telephone someone: I’ll c- you when I get there. order or announce: CEO wants …

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11. accomplishment → account

accomplishment → account  accomplishment (skill, achievement): Drawing is one of her many accomplishments. accord (formal agreement): We were able to reach an accord. account (importance): Money is of no account to me. accord (give, grant): We accord great importance to the environment. accost (for example approach and speak to someone …

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action         Do not use do and a- together. Do things, something, anything (NOT do an a-). ꭗ     I have a number of actions to do today. ü I have a number of things to do today. ꭗ     We should do a- to help him. ü We …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (1)

Phrasal verbs take 1  take aback (surprise, shock): I was taken aback by her hostile reaction. take after (behave like, look like): Your daughter doesn’t take after you in any way. take along (take or carry with you): On long journeys my father sometimes take me along. You can taken …

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