Common Mistakes in English (Uncountable nouns 1)

Uncountable nouns 1 Common mistakes in the use of uncountable nouns ꭗ    I need to buy some furnitures. I also need to buy some furniture. ꭗ     We have to relocate all the equipments. ü We have to relocate all the equipment. ꭗ     Let me give you an advice. ü …

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Open not closed, unfastened: Someone had left the door wide o-. passable, not blocked: the main road will be o- next week. ready to provide a service: The café is o- till 1.00 a.m. not sealed or warped: There was an o- package on the floor. not enclosed, without walls: …

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4. abreast of → account for

abreast of → account for abreast of (next to, level with): I have to walk more quickly to stay abreast of him. (up to date with): It’s important to keep abreast of the latest technology.   abreast of (aware of, informed about): She like to keep abreast of the latest …

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13. accustom → achieve

accustom → achieve accustom (make used to, get used to): I cannot accustom myself to a hot climate.  ace (someone who is very good at something): He is a computer ace.   ace (do very well, earn a very high grade): I aced my entrance exams. acerbic (direct, clever and …

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Brain idioms (1)

idioms brain 1 a bird brain (a stupid person): I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot to tank up at the gas station. a brain drain (a situation in which a large number of educated and highly skilled people leave their own country):  all brawn and no brains (physically strong but …

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