Animal idioms (11)

idioms animal 11 act the goat (behave in a silly way to amuse others): Daniel is always serious and never acts the goat. an eager beaver: John is an eager beaver and always leave work late.   an eagle eye (good at noticing small details): He is a manager with …

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Phrasal verbs with break (3)

Phrasal verbs break 3 break even (earns just enough money to pay for its costs): After years of losing money our business is starting to break even. break free (escape from): She finally managed to break free from her attacker.   b. free (get rid of): John is trying to …

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Commonly Confused Words (a-1)

accept vs except abjure renounce (a belief or claim) She is trying to make her husband abjure his religion. adjure urge or request earnestly The judge adjured him to tell the truth.   accede to agree They had little choice but to accede. exceed to go beyond, surpass The final …

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Food and Drink Idioms (10)

idioms food drink 10 back to the salt mine (have to return to work or something unpleasant): The lunch hour is over, boys. Back to the salt mines! (The phrase implies that the speaker is a slave who works in the salt mines). bear fruit (produce good results): The project …

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Common Mistakes in English (Uncountable nouns 1)

Uncountable nouns 1 Common mistakes in the use of uncountable nouns ꭗ    I need to buy some furnitures. I also need to buy some furniture. ꭗ     We have to relocate all the equipments. ü We have to relocate all the equipment. ꭗ     Let me give you an advice. ü …

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