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Heart idioms (9)

idioms heart 9  I hope to steal her heart and make her my bride. The military group is hoping to strike at the heart of enemy funding in the area. Take heart, things is going to get better soon. Don’t take to heart what happened yesterday. The movie really tears …

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Heart idioms (8)

idioms heart 8 lose heart (lose your courage or confidence): Don’t lose heart – you may do it better eventually. lose heart to (fall in love with): Lucy lost her heart to Robert the minute they met. play your heart out (put a lot of effort into playing): Even though …

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Heart idioms (7)

idioms heart 7 cold-hearted (cruel, uncaring, unfeeling): He became a cold hearted killer consequently. hand on heart (swear that something is true): Are you telling me, hand on heart, that you will never read my private messages? harden your heart (make yourself stop having friendly feelings): She finally  harden her …

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Heart idioms (6)

idioms heart 6 a heartbeat away (very close): But he is a heartbeat away from the presidency. heart isn’t in something (not interested in something): I used to love swimming, but my heart just isn’t in it anymore. heart misses a beat (feel of fear or excitement): My heart misses …

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Heart idioms 5

idioms heart 5 have a soft spot in your heart for (feel a lot of affection for):   have heart in the right place (to have good intentions): She is very strict, but her heart is in the right place. have heart set on (want something very much): I have my …

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