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Brain idioms (3)

idioms brain 3  blow brains out (kill with a shot in the head): Put your gun down or I’ll blow your brains out. brainstorm (a clever idea AmE): The problem is unsolvable, unless someone has a brainstorm. brainstorm (a sudden inability to think clearly or act BrE): I had a …

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Brain idioms (2)

idioms brain 2   brain trust (a group of people with special knowledge): He is a member of the president’s brain trust. get brain in gear (start to think in a clear and effective way): I have to get my brain in gear for this important exam. a brain like …

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Brain idioms (1)

idioms brain 1 a bird brain (a stupid person): I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot to tank up at the gas station. a brain drain (a situation in which a large number of educated and highly skilled people leave their own country):  all brawn and no brains (physically strong but …

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Heart idioms (10)

idioms heart 10 tug at your heartstrings: She knows exactly how to tug at your heartstrings. take heart: Take heart and keep trying. take to heart: I hope you will take to heart the warnings about the dangers of sunbathing. Don’t take to heart I was just joking. the way to …

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Heart idioms (9)

idioms heart 9  I hope to steal her heart and make her my bride. The military group is hoping to strike at the heart of enemy funding in the area. Take heart, things is going to get better soon. Don’t take to heart what happened yesterday. The movie really tears …

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