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Animal Idioms

Animal idioms (2)

catnap → fish water   If I could take a catnap now, Surly I would feel much better later on. He is a chicken-hearted man, and still afraid of the dark.  He told me a cock and bull story about being late.  We are in fact looking for a volunteer …

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Animal idioms (5)

fraidy-cat → leopard spots a fraidy-cat (a fearful person): Don’t be such a fraidy-cat, dive into the water. a grin like a Cheshire cat (a very wide smile): She walked in here with a grin like a Cheshire cat. a harebrained idea (a foolish or stupid ideal): In such a …

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Animal idioms (4)

bee bonnet → fly wall  a bee in bonnet (to keep talking about a subject): She got a bee in her bonnet about the wedding until now. a big fish (an important or powerful person): Daniel is indeed a big fish in the world of politics. a can of worms …

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Animal idioms (3)

ahead pack → alley cat  This kind of technic will always keep you ahead of the pack. Lucy always has to have a lame duck to look after. The mortgage debt also is an albatross around my neck. How did you find out it was my birthday? – A little bird …

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