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Animal idioms (12)

idioms animal 12 back the wrong horse (support a person or action that fails): I don’t want to back the wrong horse, but I think Jimmy a better candidate. barking dogs seldom bite (people who threaten others, hardly ever take action): Don’t take John seriously. Everybody knows that barking dogs …

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Brain idioms (2)

idioms brain 2   brain trust (a group of people with special knowledge): He is a member of the president’s brain trust. get brain in gear (start to think in a clear and effective way): I have to get my brain in gear for this important exam. a brain like …

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Animal idioms (11)

idioms animal 11 act the goat (behave in a silly way to amuse others): Daniel is always serious and never acts the goat. an eager beaver: John is an eager beaver and always leave work late.   an eagle eye (good at noticing small details): He is a manager with …

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Brain idioms (1)

idioms brain 1 a bird brain (a stupid person): I’m such a birdbrain. I forgot to tank up at the gas station. a brain drain (a situation in which a large number of educated and highly skilled people leave their own country):  all brawn and no brains (physically strong but …

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