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Food and Drink Idioms (7)

Food Drinks idioms 7  apple polisher (someone who is nice to a person in authority): John is an apple-polisher. He will do anything for the manager. as easy as shelling peas (quite simple or easy): Learning to drive these latest automatic cars is as easy as shelling peas. In a …

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Heart idioms (8)

idioms heart 8 lose heart (lose your courage or confidence): Don’t lose heart – you may do it better eventually. lose heart to (fall in love with): Lucy lost her heart to Robert the minute they met. play your heart out (put a lot of effort into playing): Even though …

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a lone wolf → a one-horse race

lone wolf → one-horse race a lone wolf (a person who likes to live alone): Although John is a lone wolf, we all like him very much. a mare’s nest (a very complicated situation): The law on restrictive trade is a mare’s nest. angry as a bear (very angry): Don’t …

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Food and Drink Idioms (6)

Food Drinks idioms 6  Since profits are higher this year, we will get a bigger piece of the pie. That’s a pretty kettle of fish – The traffic is starting to back up, and I have a flight to catch. There may be a rotten apple in the company, but …

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Animal idioms (1)

beast burden → cat dog life  A donkey in fact is a beasts of burden. I forgot to tank up at the gas station.  We had a bird eye’s view of Paris from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The course gives you a bird’s-eye view of recent research. He …

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