5. the ABCs of → an A for effort

the ABCs of → an A for effort the ABCs of (the beginning steps of): For example, we are learning the ABCs of gardening. abide by (accept and act according to): But we must abide by what we have said. abound in/with to have a lot of something: This forest …

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4. according to all accounts → according to

idioms according   to all accounts (based on all reports or sources; everyone is saying): In a word, according to all accounts, this film is the best one of the year. to your lights (according to your opinion of what is right): Act chiefly on this matter according to your …

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3. above and beyond → absent without leave

above and beyond → absent without leave above and beyond (more than expectations or requirements): Your efforts were well above and beyond. I appreciate your time. above average (higher or better than normal): Anthony’s intelligence is clearly above average. better than average or expected: His work is well above par. …

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2. abandon ship → ahead of the game

abandon ship → ahead game The manager and most of engineers had already abandoned ship. Life is not always a bed of roses. We must also abide by what we have said. If he is not able to cut it, then we have to find someone else to do the job. …

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1. above board → ants in one’s pants

aboveboard → ants pants above board (honest and legal): If we do everything above board, we will have to pay tax on your earnings. air one’s dirty laundry in public (discuss personal problems in public): I don’t want to air our dirty laundry in public. all along (all the time): …

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