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Food and Drink Idioms


a bad apple

a bad egg

a banana republic

a bite of the cherry

a bite to eat

a bone to pick with

above the salt

a bunch of baloney

acquire a taste

Adam’s ale

a different kettle of fish

a fine kettle of fish

a finger in every pie

a hard nut to crack

a piece of cake

apple of your eye

a big cheese

a carrot and stick

a hot potato

all the tea in China

a couch potato

a full plate

a good egg

a smart cookie

apples and apples

apples and oranges

apple-pie order

as alike as two peas

a rotten egg

as American as apple pie

as busy as popcorn on a skillet

a coffee table book

a fig leaf

a grain of truth

a greasy spoon

a knuckle sandwich

a liquid lunch

a meal ticket

a nest egg

a piece of the pie 

a pretty kettle of fish

a rotten apple

a square meal

as clear as vodka

as cool as a cucumber

as easy as pie

as flat as a pancake

apple polisher

as easy as shelling peas

as nutty as a fruitcake

as useful as a chocolate teapot

as warm as toast

a second bite of the cherry

a slice of the pie

a tempest in a teacup

a bad apple (someone in a group who does bad things that effect on others): You can’t expect a bad apple to be anything but a bad apple.

a bad egg (a dishonest or unreliable person): Don’t trust him, he is a bad egg.

a banana republic (a poor country with a weak or dishonest government): Years of war change our country into a banana republic.

a bite of the cherry (an opportunity that isn’t available to everyone): If Lucy hear about this new profitable investment; she definitely wants a bite of the cherry.

a bite to eat (a small meal): I’ll pull off at the next stop to grab a bite to eat.

a bone to pick with (a disagreement to discuss with): I have a bone to pick with him, because he was really messy and never cleaned up.

above the salt (in a more honored position): Although your boss is above the salt, he still treats everyone in a very friendly way.

a bunch of baloney (nonsense, lies): I think what you’ve just said is a bunch of baloney.



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