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Animal idioms

idioms animals

a beast of burden                    a bird brain

a bull in china shop                  a bird eye’s view

a cash cow                              a bird of passage

a cat and dog life                     a catnap

a chicken hearted man             a cock and bull story

act as a guinea pig                   a cuckoo in the nest

a dark horse                            a fat cat

a fish out of water                    ahead of the pack

a lame duck                             albatross around your neck

a little bird told me                   all bark no bite

all cats are grey in the dark       alley cat

a bee in bonnet                        a big fish

a can of worms                        a charley horse

a chicken and egg situation       a cold fish

a dead duck                            a fly on the wall

a fraidy-cat                              a Frankenstein’s monster

a grin like a Cheshire cat           a guinea pig

a harebrained idea                   a horse of a different color

a kangaroo court                     a leopard can’t change its spots

a lone wolf                              a mare’s nest

a mare’s nest                          a monkey on back

angry as a bear                       a night owl

ants in your pants                    a one-horse race

an early bird                            a pack rat

a paper tiger                           a party animal

a pig in a poke                        a rat race

a red herring                           a red rag to a bull

as blind as a bat                      as busy as a bee

as fat as a pig                         as free as a bird

as gruff as a bear                    as hungry as a wolf

a sitting duck                          a snake in the grass

a snake oil salesman                as mad as a wrongly shot hog

as poor as a church mouse       as scarce as hen’s teeth

as sly as fox                            as strong as an ox

as stubborn as a mule              a stalking horse

idioms animals

A donkey in fact is a beasts of burden. 

I’m such a birdbrain. I also forgot to tank up at the gas station. 

Almost since the first day, he had been living a cat and dog life with his wife.

If I could take a catnap now, I probably would feel much better later on.
He is a chicken-hearted man, and still afraid of the dark.

Eric always got good grades, so his unruly peers see him as a cuckoo in the nest.
Anthony felt like a fish out of water when he met his girlfriend’s parents.

We are in fact looking for a volunteer to act as guinea pigs for a new AIDS vaccine.

Eric always got good grades, so his unruly peers see him as a cuckoo in the nest. 

He is a chicken-hearted man, and still afraid of the dark. 


This kind of technic will keep you ahead of the pack. 

Lucy always has to have a lame duck to look after.
Ezra looks like a gangster but, he is all bark and no bite.

idioms animals

 I once fed an alley cat and now it comes to my house every day.

You need experience to get a job, but you need a job to get experience.
I want to be a fly on the wall when he is here.

idioms animals

 I have been in fact an early bird my whole life. 

We see our opponent as nothing more than a paper tiger. 

I want to see the laptop before I agree to the price. 

Ethnical disagreement is in fact a red herring to divert public attention from embezzlement.

The tourist in fact was a sitting duck for local thieves.

He looks honest but in fact he is a snake in the grass.


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