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Phrasal verbs do  You should do away with the old customs. Everyone in the meeting was trying to do me down. Climbing those high peaks nearly did for me. Those rough gravel roads has really done for my car. I made a mistake when I measured the room, I have …

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Phrasal verbs account  to form a particular part of something: Teenagers account for the vast majority of our customers. explain the cause of something: How do you account for the sudden disappearance of the files? to be the cause of something: HIV accounted for over 20,000 deaths within two years. …

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Phrasal verbs act  on /upon (=to take action because you have been given information, advice, or orders): I was acting on the instructions of senior managers. on (= affect): This medicine only acts on infected tissue. Act out (= perform something through physical actions and gestures): We will act out …

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Phrasal verbs back back off (to move backward): He backed off, when he saw the knife. (to stop bothering someone): Back off, Benjamin! Let me also run my own life! (to not do something that you had agreed to do): Lucas backed off when he realized how much work was …

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Phrasal verbs look    We usually sometimes look back on our childhood as a golden age. I might look in on you on my way home. I have never been able to do more than look on at when he was swimming.  You shouldn’t think too much about past troubles, …

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