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Phrasal verbs act  on /upon (=to take action because you have been given information, advice, or orders): I was acting on the instructions of senior managers. on (= affect): This medicine only acts on infected tissue. Act out (= perform something through physical actions and gestures): We will act out …

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Phrasal verbs back back off (to move backward): He backed off, when he saw the knife. (to stop bothering someone): Back off, Benjamin! Let me also run my own life! (to not do something that you had agreed to do): Lucas backed off when he realized how much work was …

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Phrasal verbs look    We usually sometimes look back on our childhood as a golden age. I might look in on you on my way home. I have never been able to do more than look on at when he was swimming.  You shouldn’t think too much about past troubles, …

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