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Phrasal verbs with break (1)

phrasal verbs break 1  He decided to break away from the band and form his own group. Although he held her tight, but she managed to break away. My car broke down and I had to push it off the road. Talks with management broke down completely. Ruby just broke down …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (2)

Phrasal verbs take 2  That piece of music really takes me back 20 years from now. Take down that poster and put up the map of the world. Let me help you to take down the tent. We should in fact take down every word of his speech. He looks so …

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Phrasal verbs with “take” (1)

Phrasal verbs take 1  take aback (surprise, shock): I was taken aback by her hostile reaction. take after (behave like, look like): Your daughter doesn’t take after you in any way. take along (take or carry with you): On long journeys my father sometimes take me along. You can taken …

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Phrasal verbs with work (2)

Phrasal verbs work 2  He will work on the boss to give us a day off. I need to work on my pronunciation. Let’s me work out the cost of the vacation. I work out at the local gym twice a week. Things also didn’t work out the way we …

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Phrasal verbs with Work (1)

Phrasal verbs work 1   His lack of experience can work against getting a job. I need to work at my handwriting. I have been working away in the garden all day. (add or include): I want to work in some interesting points in the article. I should work more …

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