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Phrasal verbs with break (1)

phrasal verbs break 1 break away (separate): He decided to break away from the band and form his own group. (leave or escape from): Although he held her tight, but she managed to break away.  break down (fail to progress or being successful): Talks with management broke down completely. (lose …

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Phrasal verbs with work (2)

Phrasal verbs work 2  work on (try to convince): He will work on the boss to give us a day off. work on (try to improve or achieve): I need to work on my pronunciation. Let’s me also work out the cost of the vacation. I work out at the …

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Phrasal verbs with Work (1)

Phrasal verbs work 1  work against (act against, make something harder): His lack of experience can work against getting a job. I need to work at my handwriting much more. We have been working away in the garden all day. I will work in some interesting points in the article …

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